Sunday, July 27, 2003

fucking hell..omg i dunno wtf im on about again...i think im having a MAJOR MOOD SWING..

lol just felt like saying that..OKAY BOPPER JR THIS ONEZ FOR U! alrite...just typing wtf is occuring to me atm....well hrmmm i dunno...im thinking thinking thing.....wtf whywe all live in a hypocritical world..i DONT GET IT! i'll never get it...ANYWAY

the pond...yeah well...thatz still there..cept i dont go around it anymore..dont have time..too dark and too cold...cept still good thinking spot..:D


d da da a da oh yeah australian idol tonight have to see that...hrmmm 7.30 i'll probably forget..oh wellL!

im so tired....can't think..im typing exactly what's been said on my mind...lol...

yo bop jr. where the hell have u disappeared off to lately!??!?! ur like..STILL IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING?!?!?! HAHAAAAAHAHAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA That's wot my piano teacher ALWAYS says..it is SOOOO gAY hrmmmm but i love her...she's the niCEST TeACHER I"VE MET aww aw aw aw aw ANYWAY IM OVER IT!

DO U KNOW...sometimes..U FEEL LIKE>.REALLY REALLY HAPPy and then REALLY REALLY DOWN becauase of NO REASON!?!??!?! okay maybe im just really weird...

okay i dunno where my mind is taking me...this is update doodling lol! happy readnig HAAA HAAA HAAAAAA :D:D:D:D

Sunday, June 22, 2003

OKAY so...here's A BLOG that is NOT LIKE "DEEP AND MEANINGFUL" ..it's ALL GAY! now...okay so like what gay jing jing bells said you can write whatever you want to say and just doodle here..alrite..here it goes..

what am i thinking what am i thinkg..omg today!!!! i found a pond! i am sooo proud of myself...i got home from work..and decided to NOT GO HOME because "HOME" SCARES ME..anyway..so i went for a walk...around the block and i was ASTONISHED by this huge mountain bit..soo pretty..so it drew my attention..and i started walking towards it....

anywayYY so i walk walk walk walk me walk walk walk and O M G OUT OF MY DISBELIEF I SAW A POND with like ducks..and like this road..omg fuck it was like this yellow brick road in alice in wonderland...wait i mean the other one...urmm wot's it called...shit i forgot..oh the wizard of OZ taking YOU TO ANOTHER WORLD.,.NO NO NO i'm SEROIUS! and it was SOOO PRETTY AND MAJICAL ...magical!? anyway...so there were like DUCKS and like really really pretty houses...and WOW! i sat on a rock nearby and just stared into the pond....hrmmm they SAY WATER IS A CLEANSING SYMBOL ...rite.....so it's suppose to clear ur mind?? it's like a type of yoga or something...

anywayYYYYYY ...fuck i seriously have a split personality i swear...anywaYYYY THIS BLOG IS ALL GAY NO GAY NOT GAY TALKS....hrmmmm i swear if i this blog was a public one..ppl will think i just escaped from mental hospital or something...WAIT IT IS A PUBLIC ONE...rite...hrmm

it's late...but i'm so not tired..so energetic..i think it's those dark chocolates making me feel all gay .....READING sooo doesnt help you to go to sleep...chiu

what else is on my mind....hrmm there are so many things..>LETS NOT GET INTO DEEP AND MEANINFUL GAY TALK ...OKAY NOTHING ELSE EXCITING..YET..UNTIL NEXT TIME DUDE!

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